Professional Foot Care
Elia Machado, RPN | London, ON

Mission Statement: To provide excellent foot and nail care to assist clients in maintaining good foot health, improving mobility, and achieving a high quality of life.

About Us

Do not ignore foot pain or accept it as a normal part of life! Did you know that early signs of conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, vision loss, nerve and circulatory disorders, heart disease and even some forms of cancer can be first detected in your feet? Comfort Your Soles provides professional RPN foot care in the comfort of your own home, as well as nursing home, hospital, and retirement home visits. We help you resolve and maintain your foot-related health issues quickly and effectively, so that you can go on living a longer, healthier, and active life.

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We offer advanced nursing foot care assessment, treatment and management. Treatments include diabetic nail care, corns, callouses, warts, reduce thickened nails, fungal nail treatment, genesis light therapy for the treatment of pain and wound care, nail reconstruction, nail bracing for the treatment of ingrown toenails, compression stocking, therapeutic foot massage and most importantly, health teaching to promote and maintain healthy feet.

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Happy Clients

“As a Type 1 diabetic, I have received excellent in-home foot care from Elia for over five years. Her professional knowledge and attention to detail has been instrumental in my overall health. I look forward to Elia’s monthly visits and her proactive recommendations have enhanced the quality of my retirement years.”

~ Rene Meunier

“My 98 year old mother moved into LTC home and she was no longer able to do her own foot care. She has always had problems with her feet and lack of proper treatment had created a serious issue for her overall health. Since she has been seeing Elia we have seen a complete transformation of her feet. They are no longer sore and are pain-free due to the great care. Elia has a kind, caring manner, and my mother looks forward to seeing Elia as much as the foot care! I would recommend her to anyone’s loved one, as you can be guaranteed professional care and kindness.”

~ Joan McKinnon

“When I first came to Elia I had unsuccessfully taken care of my feet for many years. Other nurses, even foot care certified ones seemed to make things worse. After one session with Elia my feet look like normal feet again! The best they’ve looked, possibly ever, and she has continued to uphold that level of quality care for the last year. Not only does Elia have a great service but she is also a delightful, genuine human being that I always look forward to seeing.”

~ Chris Osborne